Board Meeting Minutes​

All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.




April 12, 2022

OPLG Clubhouse


*****NEXT MEETING*****

BOARD MEETING: June 14, 2022, 5:00 p.m.


The general meeting of the Members of Oak Park Leisure Gardens was held on the above date, at 5:00 p.m. The meeting was held at the Clubhouse. Debbie Kilroy was present from The Management Trust. The following Board Members were present in person at the Oak Park Leisure Gardens Clubhouse. John Elfers was present be teleconference.


Christine Strasser

James Burns

Ron Schram

Tom Talbert



The meeting was called to order at 5:00 p.m. with a flag salute. It was established that only owners of an OPLG unit were present.



There was a MOTION (Ron Schram) and a SECOND (Chris Strasser) to approve the meeting minutes from the Board of Directors Meeting of February 8, 2022 as submitted. ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION PASSED.



There were a few comments or questions in the Open Forum.




            A. Financial Report/Operating Reserve

The Board reviewed the current financial statements. Reserves for OPLG were at $551,214.19 as of January 31, 2022. The Operations Account was at $11,054.19.

There was a MOTION (Ron Schram) and a SECOND (James Burns) to ratify the Board of Director’s individual reviews of the following financial reports for the month of January 31, 2022;

  • A current reconciliation of the association’s operating accounts

  • Reconciliation of the association’s reserve accounts.

  • Current year’s actual operating revenues and expenses compared to the current year’s budget

  • The latest account statements prepared by the financial institutions where the association has its operating and reserve accounts

  • An income and expense statement for the association’s operating and reserve accounts

  • The check register, monthly general ledger, and delinquent assessment receivable reports.



B. The Pacific West account was closed and the $56,606.00 transferred to Edward Jones. The Association currently has $212,693.00 in CDs at Edward Jones. James and John will speak with Edward Jones to learn the options for investing the funds in CDs. They can make a decision and will bring it back to the board for ratification.


C. The Reserve Transfer Payment of $9,117.83 for February because there was not enough money in the operations account. There was a MOTION (James Burns) and a SECOND (Chris Strasser) to approve the write off of $9,117.83 so that it does not affect our current cash flow. ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION PASSED.


D. Water Control Warning: The HOA received a warning of water overage and a $50 fine. It was unclear which of the 3 water meters the warning referred to. Ron will connect with Tom Wilcock to get more information from the City of AG.




A. Debbie Kilroy reviewed the status of dues. There were many homeowners with late fees due to a change of address for payment. The late fees still need to be removed on some items and Debbie will send a clean report for the Board.


B. Violations were deferred to Executive Session.




A. The Board reviewed the proposal from Communications Consulting Group (CCG) and the legal response to the proposal. The OPLG governing documents do not permit the HOA from entering a contract related to utilities for more than one year. Debbie approached CCG to see if they will accept a month to month contract and they will not. The Board may not enter into a contract with them.   


B. Election Update: Three inspectors of election have been confirmed. They are Kathleen Grant, Carla Canu and Bobbi Stoffers. The vote may be able to be held by acclimation. Debbie will send out the information by that.


C. Landscape Bids: Ron walked the project with several landscape companies and is still receiving bids on this. The water situation will be a part of the consideration for scope of work.


D. The Board sent out a revised Rules and Regulations (last Revised August 9, 2016) to all owners for suggestions and comment. The Board received several comments and these were incorporated into the next revision. The Board reviewed the newly proposed language. There was a MOTION (James Burns) and a SECOND (Chris Strasser) to approve changes and corrections to the Rules and Regulations as submitted. ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION PASSED. This new version is labeled April 12, 2022 and will be sent to all owners and posted on the website.


E. Reserve Study Project: Painting Bids. We have received two painting bids and Debbie will get one more bid for consideration.




A. Architectural Review and Exterior Maintenance Committee:

No Applications were received during the period.


B. Landscape and Grounds Committee:

5 sites will be landscaped and trees planted

One more tree by the clubhouse to be removed along with roots

Walkway and sidewalks will be replaced after that


C. Clubhouse Committee: No updates on the clubhouse.


D. Swallow problem: Owners should be on the lookout for bird swallows buildings nests and to knock them down before eggs are laid. This has been a problem in some areas.



There was a MOTION (Chris Strasser) and a SECOND (James Burns) to adjourn the meeting. ALL IN FAVOR, MOTION PASSED. The meeting was adjourned at 6:22 p.m.


10. MEETING CALENDAR FOR 2022: June 14, August 9, October 11, December 6, 2022. Meetings will be held at 5:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.


Respectfully submitted by the Board of Directors

Transcribed by John Elfers, Acting Secretary