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Notice to Owners at Oak Park Leisure Gardens


Proposal for Community Mailboxes


The US Post Office has encouraged Oak Park Leisure Gardens to convert the mailboxes associated with each individual unit to community cluster boxes. The Board of Directors has taken this recommendation along with recommendations from some owners to consider this conversion. Below is an overview of the proposal and instructions for how you can give input to this proposal. The Board would like to hear the opinion of owners before making a decision.


Proposal #1: The original recommendation from the Post Office was to have a bank of cluster mailboxes located at the Clubhouse near the cul-de-sac where there is ample parking and easy access for all. Given that such a proposal would put boxes at a great distance for many owners, the Board has countered this recommendation with the following proposal.


Proposal #2: This proposal would install cluster mailboxes at five different locations within the complex. Owners would have easy access to their assigned mailbox by a short walk or a brief stop by automobile. This would avoid having a lot of traffic near the clubhouse or along the main access roads. The local Postmaster has agreed to the proposal and this is the one that the Board is presenting here.


Much has changed since the original individual mailboxes were installed. The overall volume of mail has decreased due to online communication. However, more boxes and packages are now delivered by mail. Security has become an issue for owners given that there have been instances of theft from individual mailboxes.


Advantages of Cluster Mailboxes


  • Cluster boxes are securely locked avoiding problems of theft.

  • The units contain letter boxes as well some larger boxes for small packages.

  • Larger packages would still be delivered to individual units.

  • The cluster mailboxes would be installed in areas that are less visible when possible.

  • Each cluster box will have a slot for secure outgoing mail

  • Each of the five sites for mailboxes will have easy access via a walkway

  • The individual mailboxes make it difficult to pull in and out of driveways.

  • The aesthetics of the complex would be improved by removing boxes from the sight line of the street.

  • Owners would no longer have to maintain their own mailbox

  • The HOA would remove the current mailboxes at no cost to owners


Disadvantages of Cluster Mailboxes


  • Tenants will likely have to walk further to pick up mail.

  • There is an initial cost to the HOA to purchase and install the boxes.

  • Each unit would be responsible for their own mailbox keys.




The total cost of purchasing and installing community mailboxes at five locations and removing current mailboxes would be approximately $17,000. If the proposal were approved, the Board proposes that the money be taken out of Reserve Account for Landscaping. There are sufficient funds within this category so there would be no increase in dues to fund this project.


If approved, this proposal would likely take affect some time in February or March, 2019.


Community Input


All members are encouraged to attend the December 4th Board Meeting at 5:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse. All in attendance will have an opportunity to share their opinion on this proposal. At the meeting there will be maps showing the location of the five sites for mailboxes so that you can see your assigned area.


Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the meeting, please send a brief email (one paragraph) to Audra Murphy at sharing your thoughts and opinion on this proposal. Please include the address of the unit that you own with the email. All emails will be read aloud at the meeting, so your voice will be heard.


Following public comment the Board will make a decision whether to proceed with the proposal.



Thank You


Oak Park Leisure Gardens

Board of Directors


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