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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the name of the brown paint used on fences and trim?

The name of the paint is Oxford Brown.  The finish is satin.  It is available at Orchard Supply and most other hardware/paint stores.


How can I get a Key Code to the Clubhouse?


1) New owners, please contact the HOA President, John Elfers for the Key Code.


2) If you are a renter, please work with your landlord. The owner will need to complete a Waiver and a Renter's Agreement must be on file with our Management Company.


NOTE: Beginning March 24, 2015 simply punch in your assigned Key Code one-digit at a time and the door handle will open. Please keep your assigned number secure, as you are responsible for the behavior of anyone who enters the clubhouse using this specific code. As a reminder, homeowners should always be present and accompany any guests who are using the clubhouse. Beginning March 24, 2015 the Clubhouse will be locked each evening from midnight until 6:00 a.m. the next morning. No key codes will work during that time.



Pet Questions?

Here are the pet rules:


1)  No more than two (2) pets may be kept on any lot.


2)  All dogs must be kept on a hand-held leash when walked on Association sidewalks and streets.  The owner shall immediately clean up any dog droppings.


3)  Do not permit your dog to enter other residents’ lots or Association common areas (including the Clubhouse).


4) No pet may be kept which is an annoyance or is objectionable to other residents.


5)  No animal, livestock, or poultry may be kept, raised or bred on the property.


When are my HOA fees due, and what options do I have to pay them?


1) The HOA fees are due the 1st of each month. The dues are $195.00 each month for the 2015 year.


2) Please make checks payable to Oak Park Leisure Gardens and mail to the SANTA MARIA address on the Contact page


3) Our Property Management company, Goetz-Manderly, mailed a form to each owner with options for automatic withdrawal options. Please contact them to explore these options.


4)  Some banks have online billpay abilities which will allow you to initiate a payment online and the bank will mail a PHYSICAL check for you to an address you indicate.

This process will still go through the postal system, so be sure to allow at least five (5) business days for timely payments.

The bank may allow you to set up a recurring payment. Please work with your bank to see if you can set this type of payment up.

Have more questions?

Submit a question and it may be published to help out all our other residents!

To submit your question by email click on the envelope or visit our Contact page.​

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